Past Events

12th Annual Student Workshop

Waves At Atlanta Pro Audio

Location Sound Workshop

Sound Design For Animation Workshop

11th Annual Student Workshop

Rupert Neve Designs And Moog At Zac Studios

Universal Audio At Atlanta Pro Audio

Waves At Atlanta Pro Audio

Audio Alchemist At Zac Recording

11th Annual Holiday Party

10th Annual Student Workshop

Sound Design For Gaming Workshop

The Art Of Record Production

3rd Annual Live Sound Workshop

10th Annual Holiday Party

9th Annual Student Workshop

Tour of The Rialto Center for the Arts

Tour Of Turner Studios Mobile Broadcast Truck

Murray Arts Center Tour

SSL Mobile Broadcast Demonstration Vehicle


9th Annual Holiday Party

8th Annual Student Workshop

Audio For Interactive Entertainment

2nd Annual Live Sound Workshop

Studer Truck Tour

The Savory Collection

8th Annual Holiday Party

7th Annual Student Workshop

Mixing Across The Board

Lies, Damned Lies, And Specifications

Georgia Dome Tour

Acoustic Measurement Workshop

7th Annual Holiday Party

Sound Design Seminar

Drum Editing Workshop

Audio From A-Z Workshop

6th Annual Student Workshop

Audio For Gaming Conference

Student Section Battle Of The Bands

6th Annual Holiday Party

5th Annual Student Workshop

The Art Of Jazz Recording

2nd Fox Theatre Tour

4th Annual Holiday Party

1st Annual Live Sound Workshop

4th Annual Student Workshop

3rd Annual Holiday Party

3rd Annual Student Workshop

Shure Wireless Meeting

Telarc Recording At Atlanta Symphony Hall

Grounding And Shielding Seminar

Gibson Guitar Factory Tour

The Art of Mixing Jazz

Moog Music Tour

1st Annual Student Workshop

Acoustic Workshop with Russ Berger and Jeff Szymanski

Genelec Speakers And Space Seminar

Dolby Broadcast Loudness Seminar

2nd Annual AES/SMPTE/SBE Holiday Party

PESA Switching Systems

AES San Francisco Convention

Russ Berger At Patchwerk Recording Studios

AES New York Convention

1st Fox Theater Tour

Cirque du Soliel “Varekai” Behind The Scenes

Dolby Surround Seminar

Protools HD At GPTV

1st Annual AES Holiday Party

Audio Precision At GPTV

Crawford Communications Tour

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